Registration and Fees

Competition Team Registration


In order to operate our business, we must collect funds upfront, to cover costs for each person and their activity. When you pay your registration fee, you’re paying for:

  1. A safe rehearsal environment

  2. Instructors

  3. Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Jumps and Turns, Hip Hop, Modern)

  4. One Competition Entry Type Fee (Registration for one competition)

  5. SLDC Uniform (SLDC T-shirt and Warm-Up Suit)

Registration Fee: Contact for info

Costume Fee: $60 per routine

Competition Entry Type Fees:

When a dancer is being registered into a competition, the company running that competition charges two different types of fees:

  1. Registration Fee:

    1. Pays for the dancer to enter into the competition

    2. ONE TIME fee

  2. Routine Fee:

    1. Solo, Duo, Trio, Group, Line, Mini Production, or Production

    2. Per routine ($40-$100)

      1. The routine fees are priced differently, considering the type of routine, and how many people are in the routine.

Although our fundraisers should cover some costs, you are responsible for your routine fees.