Competition Team

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Our mission is to provide an emotional and creative outlet for dancers, build them into stronger dancers, and give them the opportunity to learn routines, travel and perform them, and receive feedback.



How to Join

The success of this program is owed to those are fully committed, and communicate well with the President of SLDC. In order to run this program safely, and properly, it's imperative that parents stay engaged with their dancer's activity in the program, attend all meetings scheduled by the President of SLDC, and ensure that all are participating in our fundraisers. Our activities build character, self-esteem, and create healthy friendships for our young people. This competition team is an awesome opportunity to join a family and fight odds, by setting the example of professionalism all around.

Parents will meet with the President of SLDC, to create and schedule fundraising activities. We'll make them super fun and enjoyable, and also profitable. The earnings will help reduce competition routine entry fees.

Once a dancer is registered, an order is placed for his/her SLDC uniform. The dancer has joined a team, which means they are representing their teammates and SLDC wherever they go. We embrace our dancers as family, and we all treat each other as such. The uniform consists of one t-shirt (white shirt with blue/gold logo, or black shirt with gold logo), and a warm up suit. This uniform should be worn when traveling to a competition, and/or participating in a competition's dance workshop.

Besides rehearsals, team members will also study the art of dance through literacy. Once their routine has been assigned to them, each dancer must research the history of that style of dance. This research will help the dancer understand the meaning behind that style; that it's not a trend created for fun, but that it has a sentimental value to it. This method promotes research and development, which is a great skill to have as a student.

Team members PRACTICE for several weeks before attending a competition. This includes Ballet Fitness and learning combinations. 


Team members and parents MEET with the President of SLDC, to discuss the competition rules, itinerary, and create a check list. This list includes entry fees, costumes and accessories, packing list, call time, performance numbers, hair, and makeup. 

SLDC will then TRAVEL to the competition. Some competitions are as close as Long Island, NY, Atlantic City, NJ, and far as Milford, CT, and upstate New York. 


Team members and staff wake up as early as 4am for PREPARATION (makeup, costume, etc.). Call time is one hour before the competition begins, which is usually around 8am.

Team members stretch and rehearse their steps, until their number is called to PERFORM.

By audition only. We are currently accepting Advanced Beginners-Advanced dancers.

Create a 1.5 minute routine to audition. Please choreograph the routine according to your strengths, not your weaknesses. Dancers are also welcome to freestyle at the audition. You're notified on the spot if you've made it on the team, and will be asked to stay for a meeting.

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We want our team members to recognize those strengths in themselves, and become performance experts. Our dancers must enter competitions in their age group, and by level. For example five dancers who are ages (7-10) will enter as a Group in a competition, under a level determined by the President of SLDC.

SLDC will enter the competitions as a "Group", "Line", "Class", or "Production" entry. Solos, Duos, and Trios are elected upon skill and commitment. If you're dancer is Advanced, the President of SLDC will make the determination on whether or not your dancer enters to perform a Solo routine.  Every student is carefully observed for strengths, and will be scouted to perform a Solo in a competition.