OUR MISSION is to provide technical and creative dance classes for dancers, and put on productions that will give jobs to people, and entertainers in the industry.

OUR PROGRAMS are session-based, to focus on a technical or creative goal, or to build a dance foundation for Beginners. This allows us to have inclusive relationships with our students, and give them a personal experience.

OUR COMMUNITY  is made up of young people who are starting as Beginners in the dance industry, their parents who want to be apart of a growing business and family, and passionate dancers who want to train intensively.

Session: Summer 2017

Class: Basic Ballet (Ages: 7-10)

Dance Teacher: Denette Bennett

OUR VISION is to be a providing source for entertainers and families, looking for creative outlets. We strive to remind our dancers, that education, research and development, and humility will contribute to their success in life. We encourage our families involved to maintain a healthy relationship with their dancers, by being supportive to their dreams. The SLDC experience will help empower youth and adults, and encourage them to focus on the importance of consistency in their lives.

OUR LOCATION is in Queens, NY, and the address is kept private to the public. Star Legacy Dance Center is currently operating in a safe rehearsal space. The space is convenient for travelers, and professional for dance class instruction. Is Queens too far? For more information on how we can service you, please contact us here.



Jasmine Morrison

Dance Teacher: Jazz/Hip Hop

Denette Bennett

Dance Teacher: Ballet

Summer Session 2017

Morgan Iannazzo

Dance Teacher: Technique

Sessions 1 and 2 (2017)

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